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Underwater Corrosion Protection for the Oil and Gas Industry

As experts in coatings that provide high levels of underwater corrosion resistance, our services are used for a variety of applications in the oil and gas industry. Components and parts used in such industries are exposed to extremely harsh and demanding environments. As such, corrosion problems occur related to sea water, aggressive chemicals, galling and seizure of threads and wear protection.

Industry Leaders in Metal Coatings for Oil and Gas

Here at us, we are industry leaders in metal coatings that provide underwater corrosion protection for the oil and gas industry. We have extensive expertise in characterising and understanding the process of wear and corrosion, so that we can work with our customers to ensure that the most effective metal coating solution is identified and carried out.

Salt Spray Testing

We also have our very own laboratory on site that specialises in salt spray testing, which can effectively assess the reliability of a product by simulating these environments, therefore ensuring that the coating will survive in the environment it is intended for. The standard salt spray test method is used to check the corrosion resistance of coated samples, substrates, and components which may be prone to suffering from degradation as a result of salt corrosion. We have the facilities to carry out salt spray testing to the specification of ASTM B117.

Marine Corrosion Protection Coating

Our product SeaTEC 100 is an industry leading product that protects mild steel from salt spray corrosion and marine corrosion for an extensive period of time. The coating is ideal for use in sub-sea conditions and can be used to increase the longevity of components used in subsea conditions. SeaTEC 100 effectively increases the strength of items such as pipeline connectors, where the material is at its weakest level, and has been independently tested to withstand salt spray conditions for over 25,000 hours, a period of time that is unprecedented within this industry. It effectively plates metal components, valves and connectors, making SeaTEC100 a cost-effective way of extending the life of mild-steel operating in marine environments.

SeaTEC 100 Marine Corrosion Protection

For more information about underwater corrosion resistance SeaTEC 100 and its ability to extend the life of parts exposed to subsea conditions, please contact the expert team at us by calling our phone number or email us at .

Fast Turnaround Metal Plating Services

As one of Europe’s largest electroless nickel plating specialists, us are proud to be able to offer a 24 hour turnaround on our metal plating services. Up until recently, we outsourced testing to an external company with a lead time of up to 2 weeks, but our new on-site laboratory means that we have access to in-house testing facilities including phosphorus levels, micro-section testing and hardness tests.

Our laboratory specialises in the testing, validation and certification of specific customer requirements associated with various aspects of the plating industry. We decided to set it up in order to fill the gap in response in lead time processes, certification and verification.

  • Phosphorus testing
  • Kesternich testing
  • Hardness testing
  • Salt spray testing
  • Micro-section testing

Quality Director Paul Allen said, “The lab is a fantastic step for us. Not only can we reduce offsite costs for testing, we can offer our customers a much faster service. Completed plating jobs would often have to wait to be dispatched until the required test results and paperwork had been completed by a third party laboratory. Now that we do the necessary testing in-house, our service is so much quicker. So far, our customers are very happy!”

The BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Since the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry, the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, there has been a considerable refocusing in the oil industry on the verification and traceability in subcontractor processes. The metal testing services available at us will ensure that your metal plated parts and components are safe, reliable, and fully certifiable to meet regulatory standards.

Accurate, Certifiable Testing

The specialist metal testing laboratory available at us has facilities ensure that all our testing methods are closely controlled. In addition, our ongoing investment in instrumentation means that thickness, micro-hardness and phosphorous analysis measurements can be obtained using non destructive testing methods, ensuring that we maintain a high level of quality.

Worldwide Metal Testing Services

The metal testing services at us are available throughout Europe and the rest of the world including the UK, France, Holland, Brazil and Germany. Once we receive your samples, we can turn around most tests in just 72 hours, with the exception of salt spray and sulphur dioxide (Kesternich) testing, which by definition will take a number of days. Once the tests are complete, you will receive your results in the format you have requested, including photographic evidence should you require it.

To find out more about our metal testing services, please call the us team , email  or get in touch via our contact page.