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Top 5 Properties of Copper Plating

Here at us, we offer a copper plating service that is suitable for both functional and decorative applications. As experts in the process, we’ve put together the top 5 properties of copper plating that make it one of our most popular metal plating services.

Thermal and Conductive Properties

Copper is often used in electrical wiring because it is an excellent conductor of electricity. This makes copper electroplating a great choice on metal surfaces where a high level of conductivity is required. As a result it widely used in the electrical and electronics industries.


Copper is perfect for providing an underplate for tin and nickel plating because of its high levels of adhesion. Some industries use copper to provide metallization of non-metallic materials such as plastics.  Also, because of its adhesiveness, it won’t separate from the material even when the object is bent.


Copper is a highly flexible, soft, malleable metal, which makes it perfect for plating surfaces and objects in which some flexibility is required. And because of coppers excellent adhesiveness, it won’t come away from the object even in conditions where it is bent.

Highly Decorative

As well as its functional purposes, bright copper plating can be used decoratively, giving a highly polished copper-pink appearance. A thick layer of copper plating will also cover surface irregularities and generally improve aesthetics.

Naturally Kills Bacteria

Copper plate naturally kills bacteria, therefore, is frequently used to plate laboratory and medical equipment. It has actually been proven to inhibit the growth of many different micro organisms, and is used as an effective antimicrobial agent in a variety of settings such as food production, processing plants, agriculture and hospitals. It can, in fact, slow or stop the growth of bacteria, fungi, algae and yeast.

Copper Plating Service

If you are interested in the process of copper plating for either a functional or decorative application, us can help. To make an enquiry or simply to have a chat with one of our friendly team about your requirements, call us or email