Nickel PTFE Coatings Prevent Seizure in Pistons

What is a piston?

A piston is a component of a reciprocating engine, and is comprised of a disk or cylindrical part that slides to and fro in a hollow cylinder.

In an internal-combustion engine the piston is forced to move by the expanding gases in the cylinder head, and is attached by a pivoted connecting rod to a crankshaft or flywheel.

These components therefore convert the reciprocating motion into rotation.

Electroless nickel PTFE coatings on pistons

Nickel PTFE combines the lubricity of polytetrafluoroethylene with the hardness and corrosion resistance of electroless nickel.

Electroless nickel PTFE coatings are perfect for use on pistons due to its properties of low friction wear and self lubrication. This type of coating also increases the life of the component because of its wear resistance and high levels of corrosion protection.

Nickel PTFE coatings also provides long life dry lubrication which prevents sticking and galling on the component, making it perfect for improving the efficiency of pistons.

Coating a piston with electroless nickel PTFE will reduce the friction and wear on the surface of the component, and reduce the operating temperature of the part. An electroless nickel PTFE coating can also do the following:

  • Increase horse power and torque
  • Reduce or eliminate detonation
  • Allow higher compression ratios to be utilised
  • Allow tighter piston to wall clearances for a better ring seal

If you are looking for a metal coating that will extend the life and efficiency of pistons, Nickel PTFE is the perfect solution. Call us , email us at  or visit the contact page on our website to make an enquiry.