Latest News: New Services Available at NiTEC

As experts in a variety of metal finishing processes and techniques, including electroless nickel plating, diffused nickel plating and copper plating, NiTEC have recently added a few new services to our already comprehensive range.

The processes of nickel boron plating, nickel diamond plating and tin plating are now also available, as well as an aqua blasting service.

As readers of our blog will know, we posted an update in January informing the public of our new factory extension, creating 3,000 square foot of space and 5 new jobs at NiTEC. The extension has allowed us to install a 7th electroless nickel plating line and offer the new services listed above to expand our repertoire and provide customers with a wide variety of metal plating and metal finishing techniques.

Nickel Boron Plating Service

Nickel boron plating can be applied to variety of different metals and is a great alternative to chrome plating. Among its many benefits are excellent wear and corrosion resistance.

Nickel Diamond Plating Service

Nickel diamond plating combines an electroless nickel deposit with fine particles of diamonds. The use of diamond particles contained within an electroless nickel coating offers a practical and affordable way to utilise the properties of diamond on the surface of components.

Tin Plating Service

Tin plating is an industrial process which involves the coating of metal objects with a thin layer of tin. It can be used for the protection of both ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces and can increase the performance and durability of any object it is added to, improving its corrosion resistance at the same time.

Aqua Blasting

Also known as vapour blasting; this wet-blasting process is perfect for gently eradicating surface dirt and grime from metal components. It permits the non-aggressive cleaning of a surface to produce a satin finish on a number of metal materials – which resultantly won’t pick up marks after treatment.

Metal Plating Service Chesterfield

Here at NiTEC, we have more than 30 years of experience specialising in a wide range of metal plating techniques. For more information about our new services including tin plating, nickel boron plating, aqua blasting and nickel diamond plating, please call us on 0845 224 3571 or email